Last night I have this weird dream.. (But weird in a very good way = fun to watch hahhahah).

In the first scene.. I'm with my family: dad, mom, and my sister. We were travelling and so we arrived at an exotic woody hotel (which i didn't know there is a casino room inside.) We got our rooms, all the things are made of wood. But you got to share the toilet with other people in the same floor, and the toilet is really dirty, but i don't worry about it.

After that, we went back to the lobby to continue on our plan. My dad and mom and sister wanted to play golf. But i didn't want to go, but they insist i should play. So we took our golfing gears then walk to the golf club. Then i heard a cat and I felt pain on my arm. So i looked that way and see a transparent electric-looking flying and flashing all-white cat. It's wobbling around and trying to bite me. Everybody saw it and so we discussed on how annoying the cat was.

And now, we arrived at the golf course (which use the scene of my own home's back yard), and then.. there are two of those electro flying white cats here to attack us!! We gotta hide in a shelter and then we thought of the plans to drive them away. Then I noticed there are only 1 cat left, but there is a eagle flying around the area. Then we got one idea, we threw some of our food out to the cat. Then the cat grabbed the food and transformed into a normal-looking eagle. (So now there are 2 eagles, very husband-and-wife looking.) That's when they stopped attacking us, and we came to realize the the cats were just eagles.

Then we head back to the hotel, but there was a big change in the hotel. It is on fire! Especially the fire in the Casino area is very serious and a lot of people are stuck in there. I went into the scene and found out that actually, the machine that kept the gold safe are damaged from the fire and people are fighting to get the gold bars (which some of them are melting away in the flame.) It was a very sad scene, but hey!! I did not see only gold and slot machines! There are some very yummy-looking orange juice on sale in the scene, so i got in the queue to buy them. I felt quite annoyed coz more and more people are coming to fight for gold so it got a lot more crowded. I couldn't get the orange juice but then i bumped into a guy and he said he knew me.

Yeah, i don't remember him, maybe he's a fusion of some guys i saw on facebook LOL... so we decided we should go to chill somewhere else, not in a burning Casino with people fighting for gold. Then...



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